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Artistic Exploration - August 2023

I had hoped that during my months cruising the Hudson River, Lake Champlain, and the St. ??? Canal, I could identify subjects that I love love to draw. Instead, during the first half of our journey, I became fascinated by manipulating over 70 grayscale photos.

By the time we reached Canada, I concentrated on using Micron pens (sizes .005 to .08), pencil, and watercolors. Unfortunately, no single subjec captured my artistic interests. Instead, I finished the month practice drawing people and sketching small portrates. My objective is to improve my ability to capture attitude and similarity to my subjects.

I plan on spending September continuing drawing people and faces with the objective that I develop nough skills to nail my subjects almost every time. Eyes and mouths are my weak areas.

Adjusted Grayscale Photos

Pets and People

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