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Cruising the Hudson River - a travel blog

The Tarnhelm Voyages Blog is written by Karen and Phil Little, whose home port is Stony Point, New York.


Cruising the Hudson River, the Tarnhelm is a 1992 Carver 33 Tri-Cabin Yacht, with enough room for the two of us to live aboard, plus entertain guests. It features a state room (bedroom), V-birth (little bedroom), a galley and dinette (kitchen), a main salon (livingroom), two heads (bathrooms), and a couple of engines in the bilge (basement). 


The 2023 Hudson River cruising season starts on July 1. Maintenance is done, supplies are being brought aboard and soon she'll be heading north up the Hudson River for this year's graet adventure.

Captain Phil Little and First Mate, Karen Little

Recap and Photos 2023

* Article 11: Looking at the Chambly Canal Locks - See how the manually-controlled locks work

* Article 10: Weeks in Chambly, Canada - When we got to Chambly, we decided to stay awhile

* Article 9: Entering Canada from Rouses Point - Travel along the Richelieu River and the Chambly Canal

* Article 8: What to tell when all goes well? - Telling our story through photos

* Article 7: How to plan for what you do not know - Musing about our trip, what we did and should have done

August 2023

* Article 6: Say "Hi" to a stand-up paddle boarder  - Meeting a stand-up paddle boarder making her way against a fast current, by Karen Little, 8/22/2023

* Being Adventurous When Handicapped - The Rollator - part 3 - It is not a scooter or bike, but it can get you comfortably out and aboutby Karen Little, 8/22/2023


* Being Adventurous When Handicapped - The Whole Body Vibration Plate, part 2 - Learn about how easily fitness can be achieved by using a Whole Body Vibration Plate,  by Karen Little, 8/3/2023

* Week 5: Changing Home Ports and Entering Canada  - Updated on August 23, I am changing the way I report our adventures. The next article will be "Article 6", by Karen Little

July 2023

* Week 4: Approaching Canada, Weather Permitting - While determined to reach Canada, weather including wind and rain, held us up. Plattsburgh, however, is a good place to stay marroned, by Karen Little, 7/29/2023

* Week 3: Our Transmission Is Leaking - This week started off trying to solve why our transmission is leaking and whether we were going to continue our cruise, by Karen Little, 7/17/2023

* Being Adventurous When Handicapped, part 1 - Karen, our first mate, has a bit of trouble getting around. Here is how she addresses her problems using devices purchased on Amazon to help her get around, by Karen Little, 7/14/2023

* Week 2: Havoc - So it appears that we started our cruise just as eastern New York and Vermont began experiencing the highest rainfall and flooding in history. Plans changed, by Phil and Karen Little, masters of our fate.

* Week 1: From Haverstraw to the Erie Canal - This is the start of a weekly account of our cruise up the Hudson River, through the Erie Canal, into Canada, and back home again, by Phil and Karen Little, masters of our fate.


June 2023

* Flooding on Beach Road in Stony Point, NY - The main road to our marina is built at water-level. When the Hudson River is at very high tide, it floods, by Karen Little, 6/19/2023

* Shading the Sun on the Tarnhelm's Back Deck - As the sun moves in the sky, we need to be shielded from it as we relax on our back deck, by Karen Little, 6/18/2023

* Half Steps Are Better Than High Steps - Yoga Blocks do more than help us develop strength, by Karen Little, 6/17/2023

* The Tarnhelm's Custom Blind Installation - This is our third window treatment and by far the best. I think we'll keep it for a while, by Karen Little, 6/16/2023

* The Cruise of 2009 - The year 2009 was so eventful that I wrote a blog on it, including our time on our old Tarnhelm. Read the whole blog, or just go to the section on this page marked in Red, by Karen Little, 6/9/2023

* May 29th - The Tarp Has Been Removed - The tarp is finally off and the Tarnhelm is now receiving its final maintenance before the cruising season starts, by Phil Little, 6/4/2023

May 2023

* Sneak Peek - Window Treatments - Captain Phil is still busy renovating our boat. Here is the most recent project he just finished, by Karen Little, 5/28/2023


* Meeting and Drawing People - I've been preparing for our cruise by upgrading my drawing skills and adding new subjects to what I already do, by Karen Little, 5/27/2023

* Cruisin' or Snoozin' - The Triangle Loop! - These are this year's plans for an 800 mile cruise into Canada along the great triangle route, by Phil Little, 5/11/2023

* Naming Our Boat - It took over 2.5 years to put lettering on our boat, but it now has a name...The Tarnhelm, by Phil Little, 5/11/2023

* Staying Fit while Cruising - To stay fit while spending hours cruising, we will be exercising our homemade ship's gym, by Karen Little, 5/3/2023

April 2023

* The Ship's Anodes - If we didn't watch our boat's anodes, it would soon be corroded to nothing, by Phil Little, 4/22/2023

* Fixing Overly Steep Ship Stairs - The stairs down into our main cabin are twice as steep as normal. Here is how we hope to fix it, by Karen Little, 4/22/2023

* Enough Room to Live Aboard - We have enough room to live aboard. Here is a look inside, by Karen Little, 4/22/2023

* Getting Ready for the Sketching Season - While Capt. Phil readies our boat, I'm updating my sketching skills, by Karen Little, 4/8/2023


* Unwrapping the Tarnhelm - As of April, we officially take the Tarnhelm out of storage, by Karen Little, 4/3/2023

March 2023

* Yacht Hibernation - The Tarnhelm Was Shrink Wrapped for Winter, by Karen Little, 3/27/2023

* Quick, Easy, and Dry Boating Fashion - Onboard Tshirt fashion, by Karen Little, 3/26/2023

* Our Boat's New Home - Patsy's Bay Marina in Stony Point, New York. 3/23/2023


Captain Phil Little at 

First Mate Karen Little at Karen@Littleviews dot com or Karen@Sketch-Views dot com

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