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The Cruise of 2009

In 2009, I spent the year writing a blog about our travels, with a section on cruising in Upstate New York.

The blog was published on which has since been merged into That year was prior to high-speed Internet as we know it today, so I had to limit the way I displayed photos and shape its index "by hand."  I admit I'm proud of what I accomplished, given it was mostly written at rest stops that offered the Internet.

The menu system looks different than what is common today, so you might want to look around  each screen to figure out how to go back and forth. Also, sometimes photos don't pull up, but they are there! Simply click on the photo area, whether you see a picture or not, and one will magically appear.


So without further advice on how to navigate an antique blog, click HERE for a report on our cruise, or just follow the outline below to learn more about our experiences in the year 2009.

  • May 2009 - the start of the blog. Topic include Kris and Steven's wedding in Austin and related events, as well a stay in Hot Springs, Arkansas (and its bath houses), the Clinton Library, and travel through Tennessee.

  • June 2009 - what I learned about blogging on TypePad (technology was still new) and:

    • The Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee

    • Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains

    • Knoville, Tennessee,

    • Avoiding Atlanta, Georgia

    • Dauphin Island, Alabama

    • New Orleans and Louisiana

    • Galveston and the Bolivar Peninsula, Texas

    • Corpus Christi, Texas

    • San Antonio, Texas

  • July 2009

    • Atlantic City, New Jersey​

    • Cape May and the Jersey Shore

    • Long Island, New York

    • Beaches in Long Beach, New York

    • More on the Jersey Shore

    • Beaches in Maryland, Delaware, Cape May, Wildwood, Atlantic City

    • Staying in Cape May (with a poor Internet connection)

    • Listing of beaches in New Jersey and New York 

  • August 2009 - Vacation Planning​

    • Cruising with a broken arm​

    • Planning for a visit to Upstate New York

    • Lots of information about living and blogging with a broken arm

  • September 2009 - Cruising in Finger Lakes, New York

  • October 2009 - Discussion about travel blogging. As I mentionned earlier, these were the early days of blogging with lots of pictures. Internet transmission was still slow and for some people, pages containing lots of photos didn't show up at all. Posting pictures for the blog was very, very time consuming.​

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May the tides be with you! 

First Mate Karen Little

June 9, 2023

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