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Being Adventurous When Handicapped - The Whole Body Vibration Platform, part 2

Prior to this year's (2023) three month cruise, I evaluated the comfort ("fitness") equipment I'd bring with us. My choices were a peddler (inexpensive exercise bike), a Whole Body Vibration platform (this article), and a Rolator (next article).

A Whole Body Vibration Plate (WBVP) introduces movement via vibration throughout your body, even when you stand still. The effect is like riding a horse, but without the butt-pounding effort. It is perfect to use when sitting still during long cruises.

Vibrations stimulate muscles, strengthen bones, boost blood flow, and, when combined with isometric exercises, can lower blood pressure


My first WBVP cost almost $2,000. The one I purchased on Amazon cost under $200. Both worked equally well, with the $200-version being the best deal. 

While WBV may not add multiple years to your life or shrink your waist-line by inches, it will reduce pain, a consideration if you suffer from extreme stiffness or fibromyalgia.

How to Use:

Turn it on, choose a speed (start low at 20 beats per second and work up to 60), set the time anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes, then step on the machine. Now, do such things as:

  • Stand still!

  • Pretend walking

  • Perform any kind of isometric exercise

  • Balance on one leg

  • Sit

  • Use as a hassock (leg cushion)

  • Place it on a table, then lean on it to relax shoulders and arms

  • Any motion you can imagine doing (check YouTube for ideas)


​If you are very stiff, the vibrations might produce an itching sensation. If that happens, stretch and message those areas when done, and stick to short sessions until you are comfortaable.


Itching is the result of moving (vibrating) tight muscle cells which become more flexible over time.

If you have a health concern, ask your specialist if using a WBV is best for you. Always use common sense when trying something new.

Buying a Whole Body Vibrating Plate:

  • Make sure it is an oscillating vibrator (two motors), that go up and down on opposing sides. Do not buy a single pulse vibration platform that just goes up and down.

  • Quiet! Do not let its motor keep your neighbors up. 

  • Price: On Amazon, good ones will cost around $200.


My WBVP is made by Eilson, a company that sells a variety of vibration equipment. I purchased mine from Amazon, under the Eilison FitMax name. Models are always improving, so compare what is offered on Eilson's website with what is on Amazon.

Today, I'd pay $50 more for an Eilison Fitabs 3d, which has a sitting platform, a feature well worth the extra cost!

* * * * * *

May the tides be with you! 

First Mate Karen Little

August 3, 2023

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