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Week 1: From Haverstraw to the Erie Canal

June 30 thru July 4


We were set to leave on Saturday, July 1, but at the last minute, Phil changed that to June 30, sparking chaotic scenes worthy of the best reality shows.

At 8AM on Saturday morning, we threw travel (garbage) bags into the main salon, revved the engines and left dock at 8:30AM.

We headed for Kingston, NY by way of Poughkeepsie, sweating under the hazy sky of Canadian smoke. After three major rainstorms, we eventually arrived under the now-clean skies.

It takes many hours of preparation to cruise on an older boat. In our case, after we returned from last year's cruise  to the top pf Lake Champlain, Phil found that several 30 year old major engine and drive components that were worn out, failed, or soon to do both. So after replacing these and installing new cabin window blinds, fitted sheets, aft-deck sunshades and other touch-ups, we were ready.

Upon casting off, the weather suddenly changed from cool-ish to warm-ish and very very humidish. Dock hand tips increased proportinately based on the rivers of sweat that dripped off all our faces.

Today, July 4th, we are at Donovan's Shady Harbor, one of the premier marinas on the Hudson for ameneties and services.


Last year, Brian Donovan personally saw to repairs that enabled us to take our cruise to Lake Champlain. Thanks again, Brian! Tomorrow, we will be at Troy, NY, poised to enter the Erie Canal for the first leg of our "Triangle Loop!"

Storm on the evening of the 4th of July!

A microburst storm appeared around 8PM and by 8:30PM, the sky turned black and we were inundated with torrential rain. Little did we know that just 500 feet away, the gas dock was torn away in the wind and set adrift!

July 6

We are currently at Troy, NY where extreme heat helped us decide to not do the Erie Canal at this time. Prompting our decision were the numbers of Loopers who'd be heading through the canal at the same time, which might cause travel backups. On Saturday, we'll be heading for Lake Champlain.

We spent the day in our air-conditioned boat, shielding us from the high 90s. Tomorrow, we'll do some sightseeing.

July 7

More exciting adventure. The temperature is lower, shades are up, we walked to the Troy Dinosaur Restaurant for lunch, and now are back relaxing on our boat.  We confirmed our decision to avoid the Erie Canal for now. Tomorrow we head for Waterford, NY.


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