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Enough Room to Live Aboard


The Tarnhelm is a 4.5-floor boat. Three and a half of those floors are in the Tarnhelm's cabin, where we live, and 2 are outside. Those are the back deck, which is directly above our aft bedroom, and flying bridge.

To enter the cabin, you step down 4 steep steps, and to get to the front, another set of stairs. The lowest floor in the front contains the galley (kitchen), front bathroom, and V-birth (front bedroom).

While the diagram shows one bed in the V-birth flush against the wall, it has bunk beds, the top one we use for storage.

2023-04-21 cabin 1.jpg

Before the V-birth are three distinct areas: the head (a small bathroom), a galley (the kitchen), and our beloved dinette, which is on that partial floor.

The kitchen has enough room to prepare dinners and snacks. It includes a full-size refrigerator (no "college room" frig for us), a sink, a full counter, and a microwave/convection oven.

Stepping up to our dinette, we can comfortably seat four. Typically, however, my standard PC is stationed on the table, and printer on a cushion. Fortunately, I have a flat-screen PC that can be pushed flush against the wall when not in use. Even with that equipment, the dinette still remains roomy for two.

Stepping up one more time is the main salon, better known as our living room. It is surrounded by windows (a future story), a couch and padded chair, plus numerous shelves. We actually have a full boat sound system, but have not yet figured out how to activate all the speakers.

Last, stepping down into the aft bedroom, we are again on the lower floor in a room that features a queen-size bed and full bathroom with standup shower. 

2023-04-21 cabin 4.jpg

The pictures here were taken when we bought the boat in 2020, and the rug, window coverings, and pillows have since been changed. I'll post pictures of the area's transformations in future blogs.

* * * * * *

May the tides be with you! 

First Mate, Karen Little

April 23, 2023

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