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Yacht Hybernation



No matter what size the ship, in northern states, boats need protection while they hibernate.xxxxxxxxx

Some passengers on a boat may not want to wear life jackets because they may be uncomfortable or may feel restricted in their movement. Additionally, some may feel that wearing a life jacket is unnecessary or inconvenient.

The most comfortable life jackets for boat passengers are those that have adjustable straps and breathable, lightweight materials. Inflatable life jackets are also comfortable and allow for more freedom of movement than traditional foam-filled jackets. There are also hybrid designs that combine foam and air-filled components for greater comfort.

1. Life Jackets: Wearing a life jacket is essential for any passenger on a boat. It can save your life in an emergency situation and should always be worn when on the water.

Popular Brands:

1. Stohlquist Edge PFD

2. Onyx MoveVent Curve

3. Astral V-Eight

4. Mustang Survival Elite

5. MTI Adventurewear Adventurer

6. O'Neill Reactor

7. NRS Chinook

8. Stearns Soft Float

9. O'Brien Watersport Classic

10. O'Brien Traditional Foam Life Jacket

2. Fire Extinguisher: Having a fire extinguisher on board is essential for safety. It can help put out small fires before they become large and dangerous.


3. Emergency Location Transmitter (ELT): An ELT is a device that is used to send a signal to emergency personnel if a boat is in distress. It is an essential tool for any boat and can help save lives in the event of an emergency.

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Pictured here is the Tarnhelm's hybehibernation cycle, from De

May the tides be with you, 1st Mate, Karen Little

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