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Lovely Quebec - Handfield

Tarnhelm Voyages - September 2023 

While staying in Chambly, we took an additional cruise winding up at Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu, home of the popular Auberge Handfield, a restaurant, lodge, special events venu, and marina. We were told that the restaurant meals at the Auberge were exceptional. Unfortunately, it was closed on the days of our visit, so we ate on its patio which overlooks  the marina and river.

This small town is next to the Richelieu bike route and is a beautiful and popular place for bikers to rest. As you will see in our photographs, it even features a bike repair station, complete with tools, in its river-side park. Outside of the auberge, there is only a convenience store, but it sells enough, including wine, to keep most bikers and other tourists fed.

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