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Article 8: What to tell when all goes well?

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When we arrived in Quebec, all went well! There was not one story I was compelled to write about other than to say everything was beautiful, the waters were calm, the temperature was perfect, and we had easy cruising there and back.


Cruising up the Richelieu River, our first port after entering Canada was Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Outside of the area being beautiful and tranquil, our most exciting story is that no one at the marina spoke English over the radio or phone and that the slips were very tight.

Our next port was Chambly, which was so peaceful and beautiful we stayed there for several weeks. From there we cruised to Eguse St-Marc-sur-Richelieu Messe (St Marc), enjoyed it, then returned to Chambly where we stayed until returning back to the States.

During this time, Phil's brother Peter joined us. In his car, we took side trips on the road along the Richelieu River as well as a short ride to Montreal and a bit longer ride to Sorel-Tracy on the St. Lawrence River.

With all going so good (except that on Peter's last day, someone backed into his car), and no horror stories and recounting of screwups, the best way I can describe our experience is through photos. 

I spent most of my time organizing a group of photos for framing (link to be included) and lost all will to write. Because of that, my trip photos, while plentiful, were unorganized because everything was so beautiful, I forgot how unique it all was. The end result is that this blog isn't a travelogue, but a few memories of the last part of our 2023 cruise.


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