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Sneak Peek - Window Treatments

The Tarnhelm is still under its winter tarp, but Capt. Phil has been busy working on its interior, exterior, and mechanicals.

Today (May 28) he is almost finished with the interior windows after a week of struggle. Here's what transpired:

The Tarnhelm has non-standard windows, so everything needs to be custom fit.


On both sides, you'll see:

1 - A small, stationary window

2 - A large window which slides open

3 - A stationary triangular window which is hard to reach

In 2021, Capt. Phil removed the black film that covered all of these windows.

In 2022, he put in "cut it yourself" folding blinds and we created cloth covers for windows 3.

2023-05-27 interior blinds EXTERIOR.jpg

This year, we had custom honeycomb blinds made for windows 1 and 2. 

Because windows 3 are over the hard-to-reach galley and dining area, we had white privacy film installed.

The top picture, right, shows what the starboard side looks like during the day (although the winter tarp is on the other side), and the bottom shows what the installation looks like at night.

There was a delay in getting a second window 2 blind and we expect it to be delivered in mid-June for Phil to finish this job.

2023-05-27 interior blinds.jpg

* * * * * *

May the tides be with you! 

First Mate, Karen Little

April 23, 2023

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