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Our New Home Marina - Patsy's Bay

We live in Weehawken, New Jersey, which is the perfect spot for marina seekers. All of our windows, in fact, overlook the Hudson River and New York City. Living here is like living on a boat, which was our major inspiration to buy one in 2020.

Our Carver 33 Aft Cabin is too big to be towed, yet almost too big for the type of jump-in-the-boat-whenever cruising we love. The reason for this is that the Hudson River is tidal, which means its depth changes throughout the day. When its low, we can't move our boat out of our slip.

Patsy's Bay Marina - Jan 2023

We chose the Haverstraw / Stony Point, New York area for our boat's home. At the time, there were three major marinas on the west side of the river. Our first marina closed in the fall of 2022, so we moved next door to Patsy's Bay Marina.


As Captain Phil (my husband) is a mechanic, he performs most of our ship's maintenance. We were lucky to move into Patsy's Bay Marina with yard storage, electricity, and excellent boat maintenance services. A gas dock and pump-out service is just a mile away over at Haverstraw harbor. It's a great place to start this year's grand tour which will be the "Triangle Loop." This will take us to the Erie Canal to Lake Ontario, then to Ottawa and Montreal, and back down south through Lake Champlain to the Hudson and Stony Point for winter storage.

Being located within 15 minutes from Bear Mountain State Park, it is in the heart of the Hudson Highlands Vacation Area, making it perfect for short cruises, too.


Our only problem is we can't sail at will. The tidal range is 4 feet, depending on the time. At low tide, we either must remain in our slip, enjoying the land, or out on a cruise, because we can't return until the tide is high once again.

May the tides be with you, 1st Mate, Karen Little

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