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Article 6: Say "Hi" to a stand up paddle boarder

We were preparing to start heading home on August 23 and were discussing how the Richelieu River's very fast current would slow our speed when two heads floated by on the river-side of our boat.

Actually, what appeared to be two people walking on water were the heads of two people on stand-up paddle boards gracefully pushing forward against the rush of the current.

While I was taking photos, Mylène Rodier paddled over to find out where we were from. She was visiting Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu to take advantage of a paddle board promotion.


She and her friend, Jonathan Paris, live along the Richelieu in Contrecoeur and were very familiar with the river currents. They prefer to paddle board among the islands of Contrecoeur (Îles de Contrecoeur National Wildlife Area) which is lush, filled with birds, and the currents are gentle.

As for today's paddle, she said it took 1 hour and 30 minutes to paddle against the river's currents and only 10 minutes to return to their starting point! 

2023-08-23 Standup paddle board 01.jpg
2023-08-23 Standup paddle board 04.jpg
2023-08-23 Standup paddle board 03.jpg
2023-08-23 Standup paddle board 02.jpg


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