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Week 5: Changing Home Ports and Entering Canada (Updated daily through August 5)

July 31 


In a snap decision shortly after arriving at Gaines Marina at Rouses Point on July 30th, we decided not to return to Patsy's Bay Marina, but to store our boat over the winter here, just outside the US Canadian border.

Prompting this decision was $6,000+ in savings on gas, marina costs, indoor winter storage (no tarp cost), including the avoidance of an annual, four week, two way commute that included the Champlain Canal's 12 locks. We settled on Lake Champlain at the entrance to Canada.

It is now August 23 and I'm getting ready to update our daily cruise diary, but it is no longer daily. The decision to keep our boat "up north" in Rouses Point changed the way we planned this trip and that, in turn, changed the way I am about to report on it.

Instead of long cruises to and from our destination in Canada, we spent a month in Quebec's Montérégie region, especially enjoying Chambly and Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu on the stunning Richelieu River.

My next articles will capture snapshots of our experiences.


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