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Being Adventurous When Handicapped - The Rollator - part 3

Although I can walk unaided, I cannot do it without assistance for a long time or my back feels like it's breaking.


My mobility for the past ten years has been inhibited by a never-healing, left-knee meniscus injury, and pressure resulting from arthritis at base of my spine and right hip.


Without mobility assistance, I'd be stuck in a comfy chair. Instead, I use mobility devices to help me get out and about. If I didn't use them, I would rarely leave home.

Some people hate to admit that they need assistance, staying immobile for long periods. I, instead, constantly search for and buy aids that seem helpful. is an excellent place to initiate searches!

To maintain reasonable flexibility, even when all seems lost, I use the devices I discuss in this series. Of special importance is my Whole Body Vibrator and small peddler. All of these things are small and easily fit in my car's trunk, and now, the Tarnhelm.


Unlike 120 years ago, when being old meant being stuck in a chair and dying by 50, Amazon Prime sells a variety of devices designed to keep people active until they drop into their final resting place. One of those devices is a rollator.


Rollators are a form of walking bikes. Their structure lets you stand straight, walk smart, and go shopping without agony or weakness.

I own a 3- and a 4-wheel rollator. The 4-wheeler, which has a seat, is used for long hours of standing. The 3-wheeler is good for walking and traveling. It is lighter and moves faster, giving your steps a zip!

Amazon Prime sells a wide variety of rollators, with the best priced between $75 and $200. You can pay more, but in terms of function, it is not necessary.

When buying, choose a rollator with 8-inch (20.3 cm) tires or larger. Most 4-wheel rollators have a seat, while 3-wheel rollators do not. A seat can be very important for your needs, while the 3-wheel versions are lighter and can maneuver in smaller areas.

I removed both of my rollators' baskets as they easily fall off. Instead, I drape nylon shopping bags over their handlebars to carry coats, groceries, or other things. Shopping bags, like the ten-piece set for $14 that I purchased, are inexpensive and hold way more than rollator baskets.

Are you afraid you might look old if you use a rolator?


Think about it. If you stay inside due to mobility issues, or you limit going places because you hobble, no one will see you. By using a rollator, however, you can more easily get out and about, letting everyone in on the fact that you are still alive!

* * * * * *

May the tides be with you! 

First Mate Karen Little

August 22, 2023

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