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Week 4: Approaching Canada, Weather Permitting

July 25 to the end of the month


We left Burlington to cruise to Plattsburgh on a nice, sunny day, riding on slightly rolling waves. The next day it poured so we not only stayed on our boat, we ate on it, too.

Our initial objective when we started this cruise was to eat at least 4 days a week on our ship. So far, we might have eaten onboard at least 4 times during July. The only reason we ate onboard once during our stay in Plattsburgh is because the marina restaurant was closed.

We planned on only staying two nights, but due to selective bad weather, we've been here almost a week. During that time, Phil walked to local museums, but instead of going in, he talked with another park visitor. Good exercise, however.

During our stay, the grounds were set up for Lake Champlain's Pro Bass Fishing Tournaments.


Unfortunately, it rained on the tournament date, but that didn't stop the contestants. It made Phil and I wet, however, as we chose that date to go out for pizza and groceries, a normally easy walk.


Pictured here are some of the tournament activities that take place on the marina grounds. Last year, under bright, blue skies, the harbor was stern-to-bow filled with bass boats and excited contestants. This year, contestants wore black all-weather gear and avoided just standing around.


I would have taken pictures of the weigh-in activities, but, you know, it was raining, and I was wet enough from returning from lunch.

We anticipate that by Tuesday, we'll be in Canada, however, we have one more stop at Rouses Point before crossing international lines. Click on the map segments included here for a better view of our route.


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